Architectural Photography

Over the years, we have tackled a wide range of architectural photography projects. These have included hotels, resorts, restaurants, retail stores, factories, offices, residences, theaters, and even cruise ships… spaces ranging from less than 100 square feet, to well over a million.

Applying our experience with digital compositing to architectural photography, we can light isolated sections of a space or exterior, shooting specific image captures. Then, we combine these multiple image captures into stunning final images that would not be possible with conventional single-shot photography. For larger spaces, we can also capture beautiful 360-degree panoramas, or wide-angle shots that truly convey the atmosphere of the environment in a manner that closely resembles how the eye would perceive the space in real life.

Clients are often surprised at how much time and equipment is brought to bear to get a shot just right. We might be focusing on controlling a reflection on a beautiful piece of wood in the room, or trying to get just the right amount of light to highlight a tray ceiling. These are the kinds of details that separate a good photograph from a great one, and we simply love that challenge.

We welcome the opportunity to craft images that get your message across beautifully. Whether you need to capture the grand scale of a large public space or the intimacy of a small, interior environment, Woodbury & Associates has the expertise and equipment to make your architectural photography a success.

Our photographers have a wide range of experience in the following areas: